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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why partner with Supplement Rental?
    Deciding to partner with Supplemental Rental is all about your needs and your time. Our partners choose us because they want peace of mind while generating income from their properties. They choose to outsource the responsibilities of a full-service rental management business -- managing and marketing listings, attracting and communicating with guests, processing payments and keeping the property clean and well-kept.
  • Where will my property be advertised?
    We market your property through all of the major online travel agencies ("OTAs") in the U.S. to make sure that guests see your property, no matter which service they prefer to use. Our trusted OTAs include, Airbnb, VRBO, Google, Expedia, and
  • What are the benefits of short-term versus long-term rentals?
    Rentals between one night up to a full month are generally considered short-term. Below is a list of potential benefits of short-term versus long-term rentals. - Higher income, margins: notably higher nightly rates tend to offset the higher turnover - Pricing flexibility: ability to dynamic price rates with seasonal and economic changes - Control: ability to utilize your property for personal use - Easier, frequent access: frequent maintenance protects the property over the long-term - Lack of landlord regulations: fewer regulations pertaining to evictions, access, etc.
  • How do I become a partner with Supplemental Rental?
    Becoming partner with Supplemental Rental is simple and easy. Visit our Contact page and talk to one of our partner representatives about your property's potential today.
  • What fees are associated with Supplemental Rental?
    The fee structure for our partners is a simple flat fee based on the income we generate for you. If you are not making money, we are not making money. Simple as that.
  • Will I lose control over how I utilize my property?
    Absolutely not! Your property is your asset. We place no restrictions on when or how long you book personal stays, as long as they do not overlap with existing guest bookings on the calendar.
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